Letting Your Fuck Flag Fly

Tony Russo
5 min readDec 17, 2021

Trigger warning: This story contains frequent use of the “F” word.

I’ve always said that flags are bumper stickers for your house, but I never took seriously the idea that people would start turning bumper stickers into actual flags.

Now, before anyone reaches for pearls to clutch, saying, “Fuck X” where X is the current president has been part of the American political dialogue for a long time.

I remember seeing “Fuck Bush” bumper stickers early in this century. “Fuck X” has since replaced Don’t Blame Me I Voted (other party) bumper stickers. This story isn’t about national politics or whether or not a U.S. president deserves a fuck flag.

What I want to look at is whether “fuck” now has normal word status, or if it only is acceptable in flag and bumper sticker form.

For example, if there were kids playing out in front of the house and I were to politely ask, “Hey, kids, where the fuck is your mom/dad?” would the parent have any right to object to my use of the language?

Comfortable as Fuck

I don’t mind using “fuck” in regular conversation. It bothered my dad when he was alive and continues to bother my mom. I believe they think it’s crass, that it indicates a moral or at least social failing on all of our parts when used in mixed company.

I don’t happen to agree, but I try and respect their wishes, which means reminding my children not to curse when we visit.

I don’t really have rules about cursing in my house except don’t get me in trouble with my mom. A secondary rule, “Try not to be tedious” applies tangentially to swearing. I know I’m breaking that rule in this story, but it’s for effect.

What I’m getting at is I am not at all repulsed by the fuck sign this person erected for their immediate neighbors to contemplate while they’re having their morning coffee or coming home from a hard day at the office.

I have to say I’m a little bothered by the fact that more people aren’t bothered. I also know that I’ll be tempted until the day I die to just fly a flag that says, “Fuck” in front of my house.

I found one on Amazon that said, “FUCK YOU” in neon green on a black field. Beneath, in…



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